kapstaad (kapstaad) wrote,

holy crap do i need to update

i should apologize for my lack of postage...however...i will try my hardest to get better.

life is actually going really well, my health is good, ivan and i are getting along (for the most part), romeo is losing his teeth, his innocence, and when we get back from florida, his manhood.  Family is doing well, and school is good..for the most part.  I have to admit driving to Aurora three nights a week next semester is going to be rough, especially since i will also be working two jobs.  Plus, my advisor has changed the rules on me--i was trying to substitute one of the classes that i have already taken to make up for a class that Aurora wants me to take--which kind of sucks.  But in other news, working at Starbucks has been really good for me.  It gets me out of the house, away from my parents, away from the carnival and i love being busy!!  Our new store opens up on Friday (which I shall be working 6am-1pm--oh fun)  And then when i get back from Florida, on mondays I will probably be opening at 4:30am...even better!!  But I truly am excited.  I think that I have potential with them...even though it might not be the best job, i move fast and my manager loves it--or so i hope.  Now, if only i could get all the drinks down.  

Other than that...i have no real complaints, i am just reading to get out of Chi-town for three weeks.  I am so sick of the cold.  Ivan and i are talking about moving to either North Carolina, Arizona, or Florida after I finish my Masters (so either in 2010 or 2011) which is a bit sooner than we thought, but Ivan wants to work on his golf game, and i want to be warm.  But, it just depends on how the house market goes.

well i hope everyone is safe....love you all!! miss you all too!!!

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