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oi vey....

being married does have its up and downs...but life has been good for the most part, however, searching for a job has been extremely difficult I have been coming up empty handed for about three weeks. I have applied for about 15 jobs and have yet to hear anything. Plus, NIU lost my GRE scores so I will not be going there this fall. I also applied to Concordia but they haven't helped me out as much as I thought they would--and classes already started.

ok...that's enough of the bitching...

life has also had its up Ivan and I also got a little Romeo...I have tons of pictures I just don't know how to put them up so once I finally figure this thing out I will put up pictures of our little puppy and our wedding (which was gorgeous)

anyway...sorry I have updated very very little I have been extremely busy and don't have regular internet....

i shall write more or post pictures later (hopefully)
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