kapstaad (kapstaad) wrote,

puppy and careers

so about two weeks ago someone called me about my resume posted on careerbuilder. i called him back the next day and today he calls me offering me an interview. hold the phone...let's recap the last week

i worked 12-13 hour days everyday last week
didn't sleep for 24 hours sunday into monday
work two 12 hour days tuesday and wednesday
GOT A PUPPY (so therefore got four hours of sleep wednesday into today)

and we're back

so this guy calls and asks if I am interested and i say yes, we he wants me to come in friday or saturday, then when i ask if he has anything else available next week he gets all upset asks me when I am available, I say let me call you back I want to think about this and he says "well I thought you were interested"....long story short I tell him that I was caught off guard which made him more mad and then he told me to forget about it.

anyway ivan and i got a puppy...he's adorable and we're off to the vet
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