kapstaad (kapstaad) wrote,

eighteen days and countin

on Saturday Ivan and I officially got our house. It was great! We started painting, and our kitchen looks like crap and needs a couple more coats of red--but our living room looks amazing. this saturday all of our furniture comes in! I am so excited! I can't wait to be living in mine and ivan's house! but yeah...I can't wait to get married and go on honeymoon! Bah--it's all happening so fast!

Well life is good, just trying to get everything all wrapped up for the wedding. I am excited but sad that it's all happening so fast. And I know that these next few weeks are going to go by even faster. next week I shall be down in skankakee almost everyday, and then the week after that is when ivan's friends get in so we'll be showing them chicago daily!

Anyway...that is all going on by me!
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