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"you know what's great about a pickle, it's like a food and a drink" -Raymond, "Everybody Loves Raymond"

I thought I should start with a funny quote, because i am going to be sad.

i tried on my wedding dress today with the bra i just bought in order to where for that day. well--I couldn't zip it up all the way--I finally got it all sucked in--and the tags are still on the dress and the bra--but the point is--

I NEED TO LOSE WEIGHT!!! and i have two months--(funny thing is--i have actually lost weight since i bought the dress, my mom says my weight may have shifted) any ideas? Help--badly--please....

started studying for the LSAT--i think i can do better--i have also heard that the pre-test sucks...

well dearies--please help

love kt
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