kapstaad (kapstaad) wrote,

animals and weights

my robe almost broke the washer today...my mom would have killed me--brand new washer and my robe almost broke it. think that's weird...it gets weirder--just with animals.

it all started yesterday when i was unpacking my dad's car of all my junk when this squirrel whom my mom is obsessed with came very close to me--seriously, not even an inch away from my foot, the more i backed up--the closer it came, so i ran into the house. came out a second time with food, thinking "ok food will distract and allow me to continue the emptying process" wrong. but seriously, his face was so cute--not an "I am going to attack," but more of a "hey, how are you" However, no matter what face a squirrel wears--I am not one for rabies. So i brought the dogs out with me, and he didn't bother me. Same squirrel last week sunday came up to the back door, but a paw on the door and looked in. very friendly little thing--terrified of the dogs though.

then today, again--in the garage this time getting ready to leave when this dog comes into the garage. at first i backed away very afraid because unless i see a leash, i think of Old yeller when he's about to be shot. *tear* anyway, I walk up to the dog (husky mix) sweetest little thing--skinny as can be. so i bring him into the house because i didn't know how to keep him there, and then I gave him food--never seen a dog eat so fast. I call animal control and they give me the owner's number, and I phone them. So this lady comes to get the dog, and their backyard apparently backs up to ours, and her dog runs away all the time. I guess he was just gone for a little bit--but seriously this dog was skinny! Very cute, very frightened of Harley. Abby likes him (these are my dogs who were in their crates because I didn't know what would happen).

Anyway--that was my day (or two days) and I have to wake up early tomorrow to go look at houses--which I don't want to do--but I don't have a choice.

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