kapstaad (kapstaad) wrote,

3 more weeks

seriously I cannot believe that in three weeks I will be leaving olivet for good as an undergraduate student. thank the Lord! I have been waiting for this moment for such a long time. I am so glad that it is almost hear.

i finished the 2nd draft of my senior thesis, and if anyone wants to volunteer to read it, please be my guest! I have an English major, another poli sci and history major reading it--and that's it. I've already made my changes--and I must say, I think I am fairly happy with it. I think I will be the most happy once I have recieved a grade. that's typically how it works for me. hopefully the four professors reading it will go easy.

other than that--life is good. ivan and i bought invitations this weekend, who knew that pieces of paper could be so freaking expensive!?! ridiculous! but they are adorable and I am excited to get them and send them out....i am even more excited that the wedding is less than four months away!!!

right now i need a job or something for January until the wedding so I can buy things, such as food, wedding stuff-and pay the mortage that is forthcoming. We are going house shopping again this weekend which will either be fun or depressing. i like everything typically, and whatever i like Ivan doesn't---so onward with the bickering, someday we shall settle down and laugh it, right now--I hope I win. (teehee)(don't tell him i said that) (or wrote that rather)

i only have one more newspaper deadline, three papers, 9 essays, 1 study guide, and 5 tests to go! woohoo! (and trust me, that is not a lot by any means--i had to fill my calender with pictures to make up for the lack of assignments)

well--i am going to work on a resume!
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